Punching machine parts processing machinery parts and components of the high precision electrical and mechanical equipment required a pressure, but sometimes there is no reason to ooze the phenomenon, to tell you how to solve the following reasons for oil spills:

Once the buffer mechanism fails or has no buffer, the plunger uses the limit stroke to control the electrical component failure when the piston cylinder head collides with the high speed and the punch will be particularly susceptible to deformation and damage to the outer and inner chamfered pistons. Know how to solve the problem of punching oil leakage causes difficulties encountered in these areas can be resolved.

Check the piston and piston rod with the contact surface is maintained perpendicular to the piston bore, if not correct on the lathe cutting. If the damage to the perforation of the punch cylinder head is mainly due to the rotation of the cylinder head inserted into the bore of the cylinder and the combination of the shoulder and the end of the cylinder and the cylindrical bore to ensure the clamping rotation, the cylindrical punch clamping The cylinder head is inserted into the knife according to the combination of the end face and the cylindrical bore, in order to correct slight eccentricity.