What is the leading punch? Pneumatic punch What is the advantage?

Punch in accordance with the launch of a good model is divided into the old-fashioned punch, hydraulic presses and Ai dynamic punch, the first two people are familiar with, look at the pneumatic punch, many people unfamiliar, today we emphasis on what people enlightenment Punch, Advantage?

The so-called pneumatic punch, has always been called pneumatic pressure-type compact device punch is to control the occurrence of high-pressure compressors gas, through the pipeline to shrink gas sent to the solenoid valve, through the foot switch to dominate the behavior of the solenoid valve to dominate the cylinder And returning, thereby reaching the planned high-efficiency press of the punching. The following figure is Shandong Weili Heavy Machine Tool Co., Ltd. produced JH21 series of high-performance pneumatic punch argue.

So what are the advantages of the pneumatic punch press than the old-fashioned punch it?

First, the choice of pneumatic punch press plate welding body, good rigidity, accuracy and stability. While the ancient punch is forged body, precision and strength are not able to warm the dynamic punch compared.

Second, the pneumatic punch slider rectangular hexahedral growth guide, with bronze backing, high precision, while the traditional punch is usually four rails, the accuracy is not good. L

Third, the pneumatic punch selection of the most appropriate to get a pneumatic collision Clutch – brake, joint stability, action smart, sluggish punch plate retarder clutch, easy to incur the punch incident.

Fourth, the use of hydraulic overload overhung Chong Chong-style system to ensure the safety of the whole overload, the application of long-term, while the ancient Punch can only be flooded with fast-type protection, overload damage.