ose of de fin ing vari ables, but also for the purpose of a pro fes sional approach to programming In macros, one of the biggest as sets

the pro gram mer may have is the abil ity to pre dict what can go wrong, be fore it goes wrong What

kind of in put er ror is pos si ble, or even likely? Is there a way to pro tect the macro flow from such

an er ror? If there is, write the ap pro pri ate pro gram code If there is not, at least try to find a way

Not all er rors in cal cu la tions can be ex pected and pre vented Some er rors may be pos si ble, but

vir tu ally im pos si ble to pre vent Per haps a mes sage or a com ment Busway Press Clamp Machine to the CNC op er a tor may do

some good in min i miz ing the pos si bil ity

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros

cnc Boring Machine


Chapter 9

LN, EXP and ADP Functions

The re main ing three mis cel la neous macro func tions are used for spe cial pur poses only:


Nat u ral log custom processing machine a rithm func tion


Ex po nent with the base ‘e’ func tion


Add a dec i mal point func tion

These func tions are not avail able on 0/16/18/21 model con trols

The LN func tion, the EXP func tion, and the ADP func tions are rarely used On the con trols that

ac cept these func tions, the ADP func tion may be the one most likely to of fer some benefit

The ADP is the Add Dec i mal Point func tion It ac cepts a lo cal vari able (#1 to #33) as an ar gu –

ment, and adds a dec i mal point to a value in the macro body, that was passed by the G65 argument

with out a dec i mal point Pa ram e ter #7000 (bit CVA) must be set 0 For ex am ple: G65 P8999 Z25

No decimal point in the Z-assignment

Dur ing macro ex e cu tion, the value of the Z-vari able (#26) will be 250, if ADP[#26] is best mill drill pro –

grammed This is a func tion that even Fanuc rec om mends to avoid and pro gram the dec i mal point

in the ar gu ment, if it is re quired

Logical Functions

For a pow er ful macro de vel op ment, pow er ful pro gram ming tools are needed Log i cal func tions