Special punching equipment Fixing plate Fixing part of formwork. The fixed stripper plate is fixed at the position of the template. Punch fixed retaining pin (plate) is fixed in the mold pin. A punch discharge device is a non-plate member or device that discharges from the surface of a convex punch die. A stripping column is a piece of material or sheet of sheet material that is fixed or moved from a punch punch. Punch stripper and guide plate is sometimes made of a whole, punch and guide the role of the material, punch still known as the stripping tower. Punching the unloading screw fixed to the discharge screw plate for the suppression busbar bending machine, used to press the restraint of the rest position of the stripper plate of the repression.

Hydraulic deep throat punch Pneumatic drive system, control the pressure of compressed air to control the output power of the implementing agencies or control actuators to achieve sequential action of the valve collectively referred to as the pressure control valve CNC machine, including the valve, the sequence valve and the safety valve three. Pressure relief valve in the automatic exhaust pipe pressure exceeds the allowable pressure in the system pressure drop, thus ensuring the safety of work; pressure relief valve output pressure to the provisions of the input pressure, and can maintain the output pressure stability, Air flow and pressure fluctuations; sequence valve is the effect of the spatial position of the pneumatic device is difficult to install the occasion of the valve, punch control pneumatic execution sequence mechanism of action of two sizes of pressure.

In the general hydraulic pressure control valve one-way throttle valve and two-way throttle straightening machine, the following will be introduced Xiaobian. One-way throttle: hydraulic deep throat punch one-way throttle working principle, this valve is a one-way valve and throttle parallel combination of flow control valve, used to control the cylinder speed, also known as speed Control valve. When the air flow from the punch to the flow, the one-way valve closed, throttle throttle; reverse flow, one-way valve to open the throttle, throttle does not. One-way throttle valve commonly used in the cylinder speed and delay circuit, pneumatic Pneumatic Actuator valve installed as far as possible when the cylinder. Two-way throttle valve: hydraulic deep throat punch double one-way throttle valve structure, the two one-way throttle series combination, the punch can control the role of the cylinder and double-acting cylinder and return speed.