Not knowing the same tonnage, the same appearance of the precision punch, the choice of punch types of accessories is also different, the use of well-known brands of domestic and international brand accessories and accessories in addition to bringing the price difference, the long-term precision punch performance, will bring Hidden self-evident, it is clear that only the appearance and price to determine the quality of the punch approach is one-sided, unscientific, tend to enable customers to purchase low-quality punch equipment. Especially in precision punching equipment, higher and higher precision today H-beam Drilling Machine, a punch accessories installed in place, will affect the accuracy of the machine, resulting in damage to customer interests high speed drill. At the same time, then the small parts if the quality of substandard, but also will affect the normal use of customers will inevitably increase customer service time and maintenance of presses CNC Busbar cutting Machine, increase production and maintenance costs.

In the stamping industry, precision presses standard accessories brand selection on the quality and price of the whole have an impact, many customers in the purchase of presses and ancillary equipment will not understand the equipment and only focus on machine appearance, parameters and price, while ignoring the right Punch performance, accessories, workmanship and quality verification, the accessories do not understand. Therefore, customers in the purchase of stamping equipment, not blindly selected in the signing of the contract must be detailed before the development of punch manufacturers, production levels, as well as standard parts or optional core components of the brand, process conditions, but also through the trial mode , The actual operation of the sample to check the machine performance, in order to comprehensive evaluation. The same appearance of the precision punch, the assembly of the production, the quality of the optional accessories sub-incomplete, some accessories seem insignificant, but it for the normal operation of the punch and overall performance, efficiency and service life have a great impact.