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An Alternative View of Pneumatic Press The pneumatic punch presses

An Alternative View of Pneumatic Press The pneumatic punch presses the inertia force of the flywheel to the crankshaft, the connecting rod and the slider to work. The crankshaft connecting rod is rigid, so the movement of the slider is mandatory. When the same speed CNC Busbar Punching Machine, the stroke number of the slider and the movement curve Are fixed. Punching machine is the general machinery of the stamping industry.

It is suitable for punching, blanking, bending, stretching and other cold stamping work (not used for pressing and printing work) equipped with feeding mechanism drilling machine suppliers, can be semi-automatic or fully automatic, Protection, occupational injuries can be minimized. In the various stamping work, please refer to the relevant information to calculate the required punching force must be less than the maximum pressure of the machine bevelling machine, so as not to damage it.

Co-forging tell you high-speed punch tonnage display function

A. Tonnage Display The current load: tonnage, can grasp the actual punching speed of high-speed punch, and any one of its load exceeds the set value, it will send an emergency stop signal to the machine emergency stop. B. Overload detection Press the maximum load, when the maximum load punch press will have an emergency stop, to avoid excessive load caused by punch and mold damage Marking on Metals. C. Monitoring the load stability of punch press: according to the actual punching force required by punching products busbar bending cutting punching machine, set the absolute value upper and lower limit settings to test or compare the total load before and after the test to prevent abnormal punching mill drill machine, control the stability of production quality, This feature allows an operator to monitor more than one press, because when the occurrence of abnormal stamping punch will produce an emergency stop.

Co-forging press parameters, co-press forging

Co-forging press parameters, co-press forging, Dongguan 25 tons punch IPM punching function is integrated into the LCD screen drill machine buy, the automatic fault display of the frame, the high sensitivity of the clutch / brake device sheet metal machinery, the international top single solenoid valve, IPM punch parameters to ensure the accuracy and safety Structural Steel Fabrication. Of the electrical circuit design, can be used with a variety of automation equipment, automated production, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Supply Dongguan 25 tons punch, welcome to inquire.

IPM and you talk about the working principle of punch

IPM and you talk about the working principle of punch IPM and you talk about the working principle of punch IPM company specializes in producing precision hole punch for metal, high-speed series of punch (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, precision testing equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities and other advanced quality control methods to achieve ERP drilling equipment, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand resilience. The design principle of the press is to convert the circular motion into linear motion.

The main motor drives the flywheel and drives the gear angle steel machine, the crankshaft (or the eccentric gear) and the connecting rod through the clutch to achieve the straight motion of the slider. The movement of the connecting rod is circular motion. Link and slide between the need for circular motion and rectilinear motion of the transfer point, the design generally has two kinds of institutions, one for the ball type, one for the pin type (cylindrical), through this mechanism will be circular motion Into a linear motion of the slider. The punch presses the material into plastic and deforms it to obtain the desired shape and precision. Therefore, it must be matched with a set of molds (divided upper and lower molds), placed between them, and applied by the machine to deform , The processing force imposed on the material caused by the reaction force, absorbed by the punch machine body.

Control the process of compressed pneumatic cylinders

Using the high-pressure gas produced by the compressor, the pneumatic punch presses the compressed gas to the solenoid valve through the pipeline and controls the operation of the solenoid valve by the foot switch to control the work and return of the cylinder so as to achieve the purpose of punching. Compressed air can be stored in the tank, ready to access, so the motor is not idle energy waste girth welding machine. Using the cylinder as the working parts, the use of electromagnetic valve as a control element, the machine structure is more simple drill machine for flange, low failure rate, high security, easy maintenance, lower maintenance costs, high production efficiency.

The use of 220V power supply to achieve the control of the solenoid valve, the operation simple and convenient. Pneumatic punch more health, clean! The use of advanced optical protection technology sheet metal machinery, can achieve a significant increase in safety performance, computer count and program coordination, unattended processing can be achieved, greatly improving the efficiency of the work and reduce production costs.

Select the punch to choose what performance

Not knowing the same tonnage, the same appearance of the precision punch, the choice of punch types of accessories is also different, the use of well-known brands of domestic and international brand accessories and accessories in addition to bringing the price difference, the long-term precision punch performance, will bring Hidden self-evident, it is clear that only the appearance and price to determine the quality of the punch approach is one-sided, unscientific, tend to enable customers to purchase low-quality punch equipment. Especially in precision punching equipment, higher and higher precision today H-beam Drilling Machine, a punch accessories installed in place, will affect the accuracy of the machine, resulting in damage to customer interests high speed drill. At the same time, then the small parts if the quality of substandard, but also will affect the normal use of customers will inevitably increase customer service time and maintenance of presses CNC Busbar cutting Machine, increase production and maintenance costs.

In the stamping industry, precision presses standard accessories brand selection on the quality and price of the whole have an impact, many customers in the purchase of presses and ancillary equipment will not understand the equipment and only focus on machine appearance, parameters and price, while ignoring the right Punch performance, accessories, workmanship and quality verification, the accessories do not understand. Therefore, customers in the purchase of stamping equipment, not blindly selected in the signing of the contract must be detailed before the development of punch manufacturers, production levels, as well as standard parts or optional core components of the brand, process conditions, but also through the trial mode , The actual operation of the sample to check the machine performance, in order to comprehensive evaluation. The same appearance of the precision punch, the assembly of the production, the quality of the optional accessories sub-incomplete, some accessories seem insignificant, but it for the normal operation of the punch and overall performance, efficiency and service life have a great impact.

Ball connecting rod is a pneumatic punch transmission system in the urgent delivery of special power components

The ball connecting rod is a pneumatic punch transmission system in the urgent delivery of specialized parts, pneumatic punch performance of its work is directly related to the integrity of whether the normal work, pneumatic punch ball connecting rod will void the entire unit will lead to downtime boring machine for sale. Connecting rod in the work of the cycle of change in the succession of stress, the occurrence of sleepiness harm, and therefore need to be busy and reliable instigation.

There are a variety of rigid fatigue imaginary models, such as the layout of infinite life, serene life calculation, destruction tolerance plan and delusions, etc., can be taken for the gap between the placement method punching metal. Yin Wei pneumatic punching rod working life is usually thousands of hours or more, that is, the number of stress cycles greater than 105. The Prerequisite for the Design of Infinite Lifetime Fatigue. Therefore, under the fatigue life of the fatigue life of the link Straightening Machines, the pneumatic punch that is only the fatigue stress is lower than fatigue fatigue fatigue failure does not occur. Careful summary of the important summary of pneumatic punch the following aspects: (1) tight pneumatic punch in the establishment, assembly once, beginning on the mold structure, working conditions, the product modality, the relationship between the vehicle and the relationship between the process modeling has a query of the investigation, analysis, in the assembly process for some forming rounded corners , Ridge, attack marks, draft angle, etc. to all a clear white, so in the assembly, commissioning process, clear thinking, primary and secondary real, both the progress of the work results, but also protect the material.

(2) in the guarantee of secondary processing in place of the situation, the drawing die in the assembly through the surface of the cast, to do the suppression of sloppy grinding wheel, grinding things on the surface, such as grinding edge ridge , Pneumatic punch to save the ultimate product molding quality of infection. Differences, the pneumatic punch should first use Whetstone after the use of sandpaper for polishing, each should follow the first rough after the fine form, polished do not use the saw-style style, but should gradually promote the same object.

Special punching equipment Fixing plate Fixing part of formwork

Special punching equipment Fixing plate Fixing part of formwork. The fixed stripper plate is fixed at the position of the template. Punch fixed retaining pin (plate) is fixed in the mold pin. A punch discharge device is a non-plate member or device that discharges from the surface of a convex punch die. A stripping column is a piece of material or sheet of sheet material that is fixed or moved from a punch punch. Punch stripper and guide plate is sometimes made of a whole, punch and guide the role of the material, punch still known as the stripping tower. Punching the unloading screw fixed to the discharge screw plate for the suppression busbar bending machine, used to press the restraint of the rest position of the stripper plate of the repression.

Hydraulic deep throat punch Pneumatic drive system, control the pressure of compressed air to control the output power of the implementing agencies or control actuators to achieve sequential action of the valve collectively referred to as the pressure control valve CNC machine, including the valve, the sequence valve and the safety valve three. Pressure relief valve in the automatic exhaust pipe pressure exceeds the allowable pressure in the system pressure drop, thus ensuring the safety of work; pressure relief valve output pressure to the provisions of the input pressure, and can maintain the output pressure stability, Air flow and pressure fluctuations; sequence valve is the effect of the spatial position of the pneumatic device is difficult to install the occasion of the valve, punch control pneumatic execution sequence mechanism of action of two sizes of pressure.

In the general hydraulic pressure control valve one-way throttle valve and two-way throttle straightening machine, the following will be introduced Xiaobian. One-way throttle: hydraulic deep throat punch one-way throttle working principle, this valve is a one-way valve and throttle parallel combination of flow control valve, used to control the cylinder speed, also known as speed Control valve. When the air flow from the punch to the flow, the one-way valve closed, throttle throttle; reverse flow, one-way valve to open the throttle, throttle does not. One-way throttle valve commonly used in the cylinder speed and delay circuit, pneumatic Pneumatic Actuator valve installed as far as possible when the cylinder. Two-way throttle valve: hydraulic deep throat punch double one-way throttle valve structure, the two one-way throttle series combination, the punch can control the role of the cylinder and double-acting cylinder and return speed.

What seems to be the difference between ordinary punch press

What is the leading punch? Pneumatic punch What is the advantage?

Punch in accordance with the launch of a good model is divided into the old-fashioned punch, hydraulic presses and Ai dynamic punch, the first two people are familiar with, look at the pneumatic punch, many people unfamiliar, today we emphasis on what people enlightenment Punch, Advantage?

The so-called pneumatic punch, has always been called pneumatic pressure-type compact device punch is to control the occurrence of high-pressure compressors gas, through the pipeline to shrink gas sent to the solenoid valve, through the foot switch to dominate the behavior of the solenoid valve to dominate the cylinder And returning, thereby reaching the planned high-efficiency press of the punching. The following figure is Shandong Weili Heavy Machine Tool Co., Ltd. produced JH21 series of high-performance pneumatic punch argue.

So what are the advantages of the pneumatic punch press than the old-fashioned punch it?

First, the choice of pneumatic punch press plate welding body, good rigidity, accuracy and stability. While the ancient punch is forged body, precision and strength are not able to warm the dynamic punch compared.

Second, the pneumatic punch slider rectangular hexahedral growth guide, with bronze backing, high precision, while the traditional punch is usually four rails, the accuracy is not good. L

Third, the pneumatic punch selection of the most appropriate to get a pneumatic collision Clutch – brake, joint stability, action smart, sluggish punch plate retarder clutch, easy to incur the punch incident.

Fourth, the use of hydraulic overload overhung Chong Chong-style system to ensure the safety of the whole overload, the application of long-term, while the ancient Punch can only be flooded with fast-type protection, overload damage.

When the punch oil leakage how to deal with

Punching machine parts processing machinery parts and components of the high precision electrical and mechanical equipment required a pressure, but sometimes there is no reason to ooze the phenomenon, to tell you how to solve the following reasons for oil spills:

Once the buffer mechanism fails or has no buffer, the plunger uses the limit stroke to control the electrical component failure when the piston cylinder head collides with the high speed and the punch will be particularly susceptible to deformation and damage to the outer and inner chamfered pistons. Know how to solve the problem of punching oil leakage causes difficulties encountered in these areas can be resolved.

Check the piston and piston rod with the contact surface is maintained perpendicular to the piston bore, if not correct on the lathe cutting. If the damage to the perforation of the punch cylinder head is mainly due to the rotation of the cylinder head inserted into the bore of the cylinder and the combination of the shoulder and the end of the cylinder and the cylindrical bore to ensure the clamping rotation, the cylindrical punch clamping The cylinder head is inserted into the knife according to the combination of the end face and the cylindrical bore, in order to correct slight eccentricity.