In order to make the drilling machine can have a longer service life, we should take the correct use and maintenance, to prevent the plane drilling machine due to misuse caused by wear and tear, to avoid sudden failure, the plane drilling machine to maintain a good state, anti-aging.
1. To regularly check the surface of the automatic drilling machine lubrication system to ensure the normal operation of the various parts of the machine.
2. To regularly check the surface drilling hydraulic pressure system.
3. Regularly check the surface drill brush and commutator.
4. Regular inspection of electrical components, such as plugs, sockets, etc., to check whether the circuit board is clean.
5. In the flat drilling machine is not used for a long time, should pay attention to maintenance, you can run the appropriate boot look.
6.COMOS RAM memory device has a dedicated battery maintenance circuit, to ensure that the system is working without electricity during the period, the battery should be fully charged.
7. Regularly check the mechanical accuracy of the surface drilling machine.
8. To regular cleaning.