IPM pneumatic punch, the future quality of plastic Western China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo 2012 10 Innovation and Technology Award Welcome to the exhibition of precision machinery, IPM precision machinery to product quality in the first place, Ying was a better reputation. IPM precision machinery strength can not be belittled by the hot pursuit of users, the number of votes leading the way, if the IPM to launch fans to use the wealth vote or SMS and other voting methods, I believe the IPM precision machinery will be Can be very successful top ten innovation and technology 50, so we look forward to IPM precision machinery good performance.

IPM Pneumatic Punch Features: 1. Hydraulic cylinder body, after dural treatment, wear, heat quickly. 2. Low energy drilling machine online purchase, low cost, easy to install. 3. High-speed boost for gravity: the use of lower pressure to high oil pressure to achieve relative energy with the oil. 4. Seal components used in Germany, Japan imported seals to ensure a good long-term stability of the seal. 5. Control component selection of well-known brands in Taiwan, to ensure accurate and rapid control. Small presses, presses, tool changer system, continuous high pressure molding drilling equipment companies, rubber molding, high pressure test … 1. Intake connection — then? 10X8 tracheal (optional access? 12X10 trachea) 2 CNC Flange Drilling Machine. Solenoid valve — voltage DC24V (optional AC110V) 3. Micro-switch — voltage AC220V 4. Oil Cup — Recommended to add 46 hydraulic oil 5. Adjust the valve — adjust the size of the main blow