Machine selection of the right lubricant is very important induction machine, especially in the pneumatic punch in the demanding, not only will affect the life of the press, but also a threat to safety in production. In the IPM10 years of punch production, repair, maintenance and training to the customer press maintenance, security work found that the use does not meet the requirements of the pneumatic punch lubrication will affect the life of pneumatic presses, pneumatic punch to a negative impact; such as prematurely damaged parts , In particular, the use of parts of the clutch does not meet the requirements of the oil will cause the clutch is not working properly automatic welding machine, resulting in malfunction Pneumatic Punch and a threat to the safety of operators, will cause significant losses to the enterprise.

Pneumatic presses require the use of lubricants in accordance with the requirements of pneumatic presses and in accordance with the instructions on a regular oil change maintenance, such as the pneumatic punch to implement preventive maintenance on a regular basis to restore the original mechanical properties and safe operation of the reliability and reduce the sudden Corrective maintenance and downtime opportunities iron Marking Machines, while extending machine tool life, thereby improving production efficiency. IPM thank you old and new customers, as always, support and trust, we will be happy to help you.