CNC punch according to the division of the industry, choose a different effect. To do the chassis turret mold to choose the chaotic CNC punch machine, for processing crossed, from the tendons, from the bridge and other complex holes. 2 roundabout position is very important. Other uses of the CNC punch, the complexity of the mold is not too high.

1. Rack, chassis and other sheet metal processing appropriate CNC punch, according to the number of different turret mold, complete distribution of different layout, the price gap.

2. Screen, solar, water pipes and other processing suitable for CNC punch press, according to the feeder size, configuration, the price difference.

3. Plate plate punching, the need to use the plate CNC punch, and Henan punch punch sheet CNC punch traps are different, the price is different.

4. Punching accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 mm

5. Tonnage options: 16/20/25/40/63/80 / 100.200 tons range

6. Other parameters, models vary, to the example is 2500 * 1250 mm, there are other size options.

7. Vertical, horizontal, gantry-type processing objectives, the import component configuration, domestic production, excellent quality, functional Ning punch factory static.

8. Automobile manufacturers, punching and other large steel needs of CNC punching production line, beam Chong, trabecular Chong, CNC punching machine, auto stringer production line, and usually said that the NC punch very different prices.

9. Hydraulic drive high-speed high-punch NC punch, the price is different.