Co-forging teach you how to choose high-speed punch 1. Precision selection. Punch precision main rest now: 1, parallelism, 2, vertical, 3, the total gap. High-precision punch can not only produce good products, but also less damage to the mold, not only save mold maintenance time and save maintenance costs. Speed ​​selection. Taiwan and the domestic market is currently on the market there are two kinds of speed punch known as high-speed, one for the most high-speed 400 times / min, the other is 1000 times / min. If your product requires a mold speed of 300 times / min or more, you should choose 1000 times / min punch. Because the device can not limit the use. Third busbar machine, the appearance of the structure. Fuselage is the guarantee of precision machine, KONE punch the appearance of the structure has become the industry to follow.

Punch press foot is the basis of the machine, and some brands of punch in the same tonnage of the same tonnage of the foot is very small. Fourth, the scale of production strength. Purchase equipment should also consider the scale of the strength of manufacturers. Because some parts of the punch is made of special casting, once the manufacturer to stop production, the future maintenance will be made great trouble. Fifth, after-sales service. After-sales service should consider three issues: First cnc hydraulic busbar bending machine, the punch manufacturer response and maintenance of speed. After-sales service is to consider the key, long-term use of equipment, will inevitably fail. Second, maintenance costs cnc angle punching. Third, the degree of ease of purchase manufacturers to repair their own.