The ball connecting rod is a pneumatic punch transmission system in the urgent delivery of specialized parts, pneumatic punch performance of its work is directly related to the integrity of whether the normal work, pneumatic punch ball connecting rod will void the entire unit will lead to downtime boring machine for sale. Connecting rod in the work of the cycle of change in the succession of stress, the occurrence of sleepiness harm, and therefore need to be busy and reliable instigation.

There are a variety of rigid fatigue imaginary models, such as the layout of infinite life, serene life calculation, destruction tolerance plan and delusions, etc., can be taken for the gap between the placement method punching metal. Yin Wei pneumatic punching rod working life is usually thousands of hours or more, that is, the number of stress cycles greater than 105. The Prerequisite for the Design of Infinite Lifetime Fatigue. Therefore, under the fatigue life of the fatigue life of the link Straightening Machines, the pneumatic punch that is only the fatigue stress is lower than fatigue fatigue fatigue failure does not occur. Careful summary of the important summary of pneumatic punch the following aspects: (1) tight pneumatic punch in the establishment, assembly once, beginning on the mold structure, working conditions, the product modality, the relationship between the vehicle and the relationship between the process modeling has a query of the investigation, analysis, in the assembly process for some forming rounded corners , Ridge, attack marks, draft angle, etc. to all a clear white, so in the assembly, commissioning process, clear thinking, primary and secondary real, both the progress of the work results, but also protect the material.

(2) in the guarantee of secondary processing in place of the situation, the drawing die in the assembly through the surface of the cast, to do the suppression of sloppy grinding wheel, grinding things on the surface, such as grinding edge ridge , Pneumatic punch to save the ultimate product molding quality of infection. Differences, the pneumatic punch should first use Whetstone after the use of sandpaper for polishing, each should follow the first rough after the fine form, polished do not use the saw-style style, but should gradually promote the same object.