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When the punch oil leakage how to deal with

Punching machine parts processing machinery parts and components of the high precision electrical and mechanical equipment required a pressure, but sometimes there is no reason to ooze the phenomenon, to tell you how to solve the following reasons for oil spills: Once the buffer mechanism fails or has no buffer, the plunger uses the limit […]

How to Choose Affordable CNC Punch machines

┬áCNC punch according to the division of the industry, choose a different effect. To do the chassis turret mold to choose the chaotic CNC punch machine, for processing crossed, from the tendons, from the bridge and other complex holes. 2 roundabout position is very important. Other uses of the CNC punch, the complexity of the […]

The Function of Frequency Converter in Three – dimensional Numerical Control Drilling Machine

Frequency converter is to change the frequency of motor power supply to control the AC motor power control equipment, with the continuous improvement of industrial automation, inverter has also been a very wide range of applications.Then the inverter in the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine to play what The role of it? 1. Low-frequency torque, so […]

Maintenance of plane drilling machine

In order to make the drilling machine can have a longer service life, we should take the correct use and maintenance, to prevent the plane drilling machine due to misuse caused by wear and tear, to avoid sudden failure, the plane drilling machine to maintain a good state, anti-aging. 1. To regularly check the surface […]